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The world is going mobile your customers are using mobile everyday everywhere, new business is everywhere. Connect Local or Global with you customers. We offer customized solutions for small or tall companies. Together with a dedicated contact and our experts and your knowledge we give the sales boost you need.


We offer

o   Multi Channel Networks strategy.

o   Global Content Distribution and Monetization opportunities

o   Customized and Interactive Mobile Applications

o   Global You Tube Channel Management.

o   Online shop development for desktop and mobile purpose.

o   Narrowcasting content distribution for retail, financials and others.

o   Consultancy














Our Clients are in several businesses

o   Retail Organizations

o   Product Developing Organizations

o   Content owners in Sports, Music, Videoís, TV formats etc

o   Travel agencies, Airliners, Car rental companies.

o   National Tourist board, City Marketing Organizations.

o   Artists and Music events.

o   Sport organizations, Sport brands en Sport events.


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